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The reasons that I LOVE Shanghai

Start a day with great coffee. We went to historic An Fu Road / Wu Kong Road to go for cafe hopping (used to be a western part of the former French Concession area in the city). We just randomly picked one corner cafe called "Rac Coffee" - just had chai latte instead (Rmb35). There's a lot of hidden coffee shop in the alley, you can just chill and sit back there. Seriously, not feeling so Shanghai.

My last visit to SH was back to 2008. I will never forget the only local restaurant that keeps popping in my mind. Since this local restaurant was so popular so we decided to go there earlier like 11:30am. They were so good to be true! Exactly the same taste that I remembered. But the boss was truly impolite and refused to let more customers to come (even there were still a lot of empty seats). I'm glad that we made it there! <3

We've ordered the signature drunken spicy shrimp 嗆蝦(RMB49), tomato with potato soup(RMB59), stir-fry water spinach with fermented bean curd 腐乳炒空心菜(RMB29), roasted wheat gluten四喜烤麩(RMB22), braised duck 醬鴨 (RMB 26)in Shanghai style.​

Next stop would be Yu Garden, an essential tourist spot. We spent RMB 40 each for entrance fee. It was insanely huge and you could definitely trace back the history from the past dynasty.

After this, we walked for around like 20 mins to The Bund. Before arriving the Bund, we stepped into a famous high class 5 star hotel - Fairmont Peace Hotel to sneak peak of their interior design. Well... nothing compared to the one I saw in Queen Vistoria Building in Sydney.

A typical touristy thing to do. Nothing beats the beautiful skyline in Hong Kong.

Yep...still early that day... so we went to our next destination - Tian Zi Fang. Just a renovated traditional residential areas to a large art spaces (like 10 times of Central PMQ). You can find lots of boutique shops, food and drinks. But I couldn't buy anything there. This Peking duck Pancake wasn't impressive, it was crispy exterior but the fillings weren't match together.

Very lovely package of this brand & I was tempted to try their avocado cream with boba drink (RMB23). I truly believed HeyTea was much better tho.

Have to say goodbye right now...will upload another ' Shanghai food guide ' in couple days later. Stay tuned xoxo

Restaurant Info:


Opening hours: 8am-6pm

Metro: Shanghai Library

English address: 322 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu, Xuhui district

Chinese address: 徐汇区安福路322号, 近武康路


English address: 57 Shaanxi S Rd, Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

Chinese address:中國上海市陝西南路57號

3.煎饼先生 MR.PANCAKE 田子坊店

Chinese Address : 泰康路248弄13号

4. 茶丸 CHATBALL 日月光店

Chinese Address:徐家汇路618号日月光中心广场1层

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