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How I pre-celebrated my birthday?

Basically the most exciting month of each year - Hiya November 🦄

Can't believe I'm turning to 22 real soon. It has been an amazing journey so far. Can't wait for 2018 to come faster 💋. Just want to share a quote: "We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges." I hope I could be more wiser & stronger to embrace challenges in future. Let's go back to the main topic, I was deeply appreciated the efforts that my friends had made👯‍♀️

First, I have to give thanks to the Kim's Spoon/bowl Team for arranging a picnic set for us. It was a perfect day for calling all my beloved friends to come over for some Korean food. Kinda windy at Tamar Park that day. I love how Kim’s also included the outdoor waterproof mats & wooden toys for us to enjoy.

What includes: 4-6 servings for $528 (need to pre-order for 3-5 days)

Main courses : pork ribs, yuzu pork belly meat, beef short ribs & fried chicken Side dishes: Kimbap seaweed roll, fried rice cakes, sweet potato fries, stir-fry vermicelli, kimchi dumplings, seaweed rice ball Appetisers: kimchi, bean sprouts, salted fish, spinach, corn, tomato Drinks: Korean traditional tea w/ four color diamond bottle (grapefruit / red date / ginger / Aloe vera).

To be honest, they tasted average but the idea or gimmick behind was nice since it was a good excuse to gather together.

For more detailed information, you can click this link: 韓式 Picnic Set百零蚊位食 18 款韓食!

Always craving for a legit matcha cake! Finally my turn to try it from Kazuki Bakery ($380 1kg), it was smooth, creamy and quite intense of matcha flavour. We all love it! 🍰

Had so much fun with my girls 🕶 all the laughers & truly a well spent afternoon.

The party wasn't over yet! Definitely the best time to grab drinks together haha. We headed to the Armani/Privé bar for some chillaxing chat. 🍹🍸Truly grateful for the sparkly day, and thanks for all the gorgeous gifts & surprises. Glad that we are still keeping in touch since high school. You all have made my life a little better.

My definition of friendship: Have less, but the best! 🥂

Thanks my dear to take all the behind the scenes photos 💋

Move on to another pre-birthday celebration with my lovely colleagues. A table of delicious dinner feast. It was actually my first time here in Sushi Tokumi.🍣 Sushi surely stand out more than any other main dishes like tempura udon $67 & seafood fried rice $ 80. Note that they have minimum charge for $120+10% per person for dinner.

I would recommend the following dishes : Prawn tempura 🍤🍙& minced tuna roll $82, Thick tamagoyaki $16, Spa boiled egg tempura $47, clams in hot sake $64. The boiled egg tempura was the BOMB!🍳

I'm not feeling guilty to end up with almond & 50 % matcha ice cream. Their signature is actually the 70% matcha but I can't withstand the bitterness of it, 50% was just right to my liking.🍵 Perfectly to mix with the nutty almond as well (1 scoop for $30, 2 scoops for $52). So lucky to meet you guys in the workplace, I'm so honoured that I could join your SM 'gang' hahahaha. Always have fun with you two!

Hehehe, feeling so loved this year. Managed to play tennis again with my cousin. There's a lot of ups and downs lately. Hope we could support & encourage each other forever and after. So good to dig in some dim sum at my favourite Chinese restaurant.

Time flies... hate to say goodbye again. More posts are coming soon, so stay tuned! xoxo

Restaurant info:

1. KIM'S BOWL (Central)

Opening hours: 10:30am-9:30pm

Telephone: 21559820

Address: Shop 4A-4B, LG/F, Three Garden Road, Central

2. KAZUKI BAKERY (Kwun Tong) - you need to pre order online

Opening hours: 12pm-8pm

Telephone: 91346233

Address: Room 1219, New City Center, 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong


3. ARMANI/PRIVÉ (Central)

Opening hours: 4pm-12am


Address: 2F Landmark Chater (Chater House) 8 Connaught Road, Central

4. SUSHI TOKUMI (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Opening hours: 12-3pm, 6-11pm

Telephone: 23307578

Address:5/F, H8, 8 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

5. A FUN STORE (Tsim She Tsui)

Opening hours: 11am-11pm Telephone: 31885122

Address:Shop 5A, 5/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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