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A Short Getaway to Macau

Hi, it's me again! Obviously I'm more updated on Instagram than doing my blog. I'm working hard on it :)

Just a new topic about my recent getaway to Macau with my family. This was surely one of the best getaway trips ever. 

We're lucky to stay our 2 nights in 5-star City Of Creams Crown Tower (one of the finest hotels that recognised by Forbes).  It's a luxury and spacious clean rooms. The view from our room wasn't that great but we were glad that the space was huge. The interior design was beautiful and modernised. They even offer free water bottles and fresh fruits everyday. Very friendly staff and we indeed had a great time here! 

If you are looking for a local cha chan teng, check out 新鴻發咖啡美食 . This local cafe could satisfy your cravings from thick French toast 厚法蘭西多士 $38 to pineapple cheese pork chop bun, and others more. But my favourite definitely goes to the Stir-Fried Chicken Noodles 雞絲乾炒麵 $39 & hot intense almond drink 杏仁奶露 $12, baked Portuguese rice wasn't bad as well $55.

Our next station would be walking towards Cathedral of St.Paul's 大三巴, my sister somehow introduced a popular home made gelato hub  - KIKA 熙佳意大利雪糕 , those gelato were unexpectedly fresh & light! The price was unbeatable, just $50 for 3 flavours! Rose yogurt, matcha & tofu ice cream are the best winning combination!!! 

 Since we have been to Macau quite frequent, we tend to do less sightseeing but more food digging haha. Originally, we wanted to go to Castico for dinner, which recently awarded as Michelin star for their Portuguese food.  But it was fully booked at around 8, the server recommended us to go next door Le Cesar. Slightly pricy but the food quality wasn't too bad. Recommended dishes: Shredded Dried Codfish w/ diced potatoes $158, Roast Suckling Pig Portuguese Style with black pepper sauce, REGINA pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham & mushrooms). 

On the next day, we had breakfast at the 25/f Crystal Lounge, photos were not allowed but I managed to take a few. Food were average. Doesn't really worth the price (as I remember, costed around $5xx for 2 pax). 

If you're looking a sophisticated cream puff or eclair, check out CHOP CHOP, their chocolate and rose flavours are quite nice.

Here comes to the most exciting part, we were going to the new Wynn Palace to have lunch buffet at Fontana Buffet (the main purpose was to celebrate my mum's birthday). Thanks to Wynn, we were able to enjoy complimentary Skycab ride to there, it was completely free of charge and if you are lucky, you could watch the fountain show while enjoying the music at the cable car. It was just located opposite to Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

The interior designs were magificant, all the festive decorations were top notch! I just felt in love with this place. 

We headed to Fontana and were arranged to window seats. Of course we started to pick up food right away. This was absolutely a foodie heaven! From savoury dishes to desserts, they were perfecto!!! And what's more, it cost only $268+10% per person. It's insane, it cost at least $600 up for these high quality food in Hong Kong. You must try their homemade ice-cream, especially coconut, salted caramel and strawberry sorbet.  

For dinner, we went to Broadway to search for new food. We ended up with Taiwanese cuisine -  Du Hsiao Yueh 度小月. It was better than expected. I'll suggest you to order their deep-fried oysters $68蚵仔酥 , deep-fried crispy intestine $68炸脆皮大腸 & Dan Tzai thick rice noodles 擔仔粿條  $28 (large portion). Slightly overpriced but tasted okay.

It's a common ritual that we need to order dessert before ending our meals. Luckily they got Hang Heong Un 杏香園, it was part of our childhood memories. We had the mango combo $99, the signature mango ice cream 芒果雪糕, mango pancake & mocha, and also mango sago pudding. They tasted exactly the same. 

Hate to say bye, but till next time xoxo.

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