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30 Best Food in 2017 (Hong Kong)

It's almost the end of the year. It's been an amazing 2017, thanks for all the continue support! I will be featuring 30 Best food in Hong Kong, and the list in below was arranged in random orders.

No.1 : Chau Kee

This was definitely one of the top picks from my lists. You shouldn’t miss out their Lava Toast with hot egg yolk and sweet potato fillings. This was too good to be true. So pillowy, so crispy on the exterior.

Recommended: Quail Eggs siu mai x steamed rice roll with XO sauce x lava toasts

It’s the perfect season for craving traditional claypot rice (or with a modern twist) with family. Each spoonful of rice was hearty. The salty, savory sausage, minced pork and sweet soy sauce flavoured the rice. When you hit the crispy bits, you know you've found a winner pot of claypot rice here.

Recommended: Steamed Minced Pork with preserved vegetables 梅菜肉餅飯x Chinese sausage 臘腸 (+$10) w/ taro mash 荔茸肉碎飯

No.3 Samsen

Miss the broth so much!! The wagyu beef boat rice noodles ($128) is def worth dying for. Unfortunately the thai tea was overly sweet. I wish they could offer coconut ice cream during lunch… maybe dinner next time.

Recommended: Fried eggs w/ chill jam

Take a small tour to Japan, shall we? A minimalistic café that offers small range of small bites & coffee. The wasabi egg sandwich is very interesting as well as the canele • but I prefer the HK style egg sandwiches more.

Recommended: Green tea latte & mocha

Hey, another good Japanese food in town. Truly a bowl of happiness 🍱 This fresh nicely cut sashimi was right on point (but slightly pricy too $280).

No.6 Yoghi (I’m not too sure whether they are still open…)

Yoghi certainly serves a more casual & budget-friendly dining place in Causeway Bay (also founded in Moyo ). You must try their korean rice bowl w/ spicy pork, very flavourful, full & satisfying!! The portion itself was pretty big as well. The fried chicken tasted bland.

Recommended: Korean Rice bowl w/ spicy pork

Used to be my lunch canteen back to high school. So addicted to their cream sauce with sole fillet rice(catfish), creamy and the portion was still big. The neighbourhood likes it.

Recommended: Shanghai ribs with vegetable rice

No.8 Sogo

They have renovated the freshmart in April

DONQ: My top 1 favourite bread shops, serving the best onion breads. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

QIJKI: Serving different types of fish cakes, my heart goes to the soft boiled egg fish cake

Paul Lafayet: the signature crème brulee was unbeatable.

Bake Cheese Tart: hell yeah, the best cheese tart ever, how come Sogo got everything that I want?

Baby Mon Cher: My favourite: Royal milk tea > matcha > mango, they all tasted light & without excessive sweetness, rolled up with a rich filling of fresh cream

Kobe Beef Meat Pie: The curry beef meat pie is recommended.

Serving up the best hot taro balls with grass jelly in town. You need to be patient and start to wait in line after 7pm. It has a crazy queue, but worth it.

Always back for more, a decent place for craving Japanese pastries and coffee. They don’t only serve quality coffee & juice but also a wide range of incredible pastries. My favorite goes to the matcha roll, it is creamy, smooth and fluffy-liked texture. They sold out real fast.

Recommended: chocolate tart, matcha latte, matcha roll (December flavours: Strawberry)

No.11 % Arabica

I’m sure every coffee lovers fond of their minimalistic style of interior designs and obsessed with their logo %. Simple concept by delivering a good quality of coffee.

Recommended: Spanish latte (infused with latte and condensed milk)

No.12 全記

Kwai Chung Plaza is no doubt a local food heaven. You got to try this rice rolls with XO sauce, with the salty fragrant smell and tasty sauce. Nothing is better than having homemade food.

No.13 鮨一

Having an omakase (chef's selection) meal while sitting at the sushi counter is a pleasurable experience. Reasonably priced. They specialised in uni bowls so take the time to go. The assorted sashimi was sliced delicately with stunning presentation.

Recommended: Unagi, miso with beef tongue

No.14 風雲丸 Fuunmaru

Wooo, this was my favourite Tsukemen in Hong Kong. The 400g of noodles are enough to share among 2 ppl. The soup was not too intense but the cha siu was slightly dried out. But overall are not bad.

One of the famous restaurant chain in America, their luscious red velvet cheese cake was in a star quality. The frosting was smooth and have a very strong red velvet flavored filling. The is the BEST red velvet cake I had in life.

No.16 美味餃子店

If you are big fan of dumplings, you must not miss this out. Most popular dumplings are either soup or fried. I prefer to have fried dumplings since they are cooked to perfection- with a golden crispy exterior, the soup one are not bad too! You also have to try their home-made preserved vegetables to add in the dumplings. Remember to go there earlier since you still have to queue up at dinner time.

Recommended: Cloud ear with broccoli or Chinese cabbage dumplings, soy bean milk

No.17 程班長台灣美食

Oops... I can go here everyday, just for their braised minced pork rice! It closer to the taste that I had in Taiwan. Beef noodles are my second choice.

No.18 I love you dessert bar

I was amazed by their signature Lava Custard Soufflé Pancake w/ lotus macaron & bean-curd ice cream 🥞 but disappointed with the Lemon Curd Pancake Millie Feuille $42! The pancake is not too airy but with a slightly thickened texture. The sweetness level was just fine for me 😋 I think this is better than Flipper and better deal.

No.19 Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour

Kinda get my medical treatment from Dr. Fern. The hidden gem that offers 250 different gins and a wide selection of Gin & Tonic drink stylishly served in tall, narrow glasses with single long blocks of ice.

Recommended: Gvinegin Nouiason Gin $160 & the chips

No.20 Brew Bros Hill Road

If you are looking for a cosy Sunday brunch, Brew Bros is an ideal hideout for chillaxing. It is the second outlet of the Brew Bros Coffee in Sheung Wan. Their beautiful brioche french toast with salted mascarpone is to die for. Not to mention the addictive smashed avocado with poached eggs on top. Simply a great way to kickstart your day.

No.21 Shari Shari

I had to say this was THE DAMN GOOD SHAVED ICE IN DA WORLD. The shaved ice was fine in texture, smooth and undoubtedly huge. I couldn't express how much I love it. The matcha cream flavor was insanely good. Always looking forward to their seasonal flavors like avocado, pistachio etc.

No. 22 Morton's Of Chicago

Reminiscing back to our anniversary dinner, it was a memorable, & fulfilling dinner. Definitely recommend you to celebrate important dates like birthday.

Recommended: lobster bisque, scallop, lemon soufflé

No.23 米線

Don’t judge me, whenever I don’t know what to eat during lunch, I’ll go there with my colleagues. This is better than Tam Jai or Nam Kee

Recommended: minced pork sauce & cloud ear

No.25 Thai-ger

It’s another typical lunch spot during work. I loved their phad Thai but note that it wasn’t the authentic one, it rather tasted sweeter and their Thai milk tea is the must order drink.


No wonder they awarded the Michelin star for their homey Taiwanese food. It’s was so packed during dinner time, all the these are perfecto.

No.27 源記甜品專家

We never forget the hearty charms of traditional Chinese sweet soups. Their premium almond paste was indulgent. While their richness is intoxicating, their mildly nutty flavour is very soothing at the same time.

Recommended: Almond & sesame paste

No.28 岩鹽日本料理

Another high quality Japanese restaurant in the area,

My fav goes to the soft shell crab w/ cream & cheese roll $78 x seared prime salmon w/ black truffle rice bowl set $148 • grilled dried saltine $45 • p.s like their fb page & get free drinks + ice cream

No. 29 Porker

Wondering where to dine?? Tried it for the first time and I love their tonkatsu so much. We’ve shared the Full House Set $220 (Cheese minced Pork cutlet x sirloin x tenderloin set) , surprisingly not too oily, the batter was just rightt & cooked perfectly with a crispy golden exterior 🤤. Deep fried octopus fish ball $60 was pretty good too.

No.30 Mini Club

It feels like a girl's club to me. The atmosphere is very vibrant and there's a mini Eiffel Tower in between the seats. It's good to have happy hour as well as some snacks. Their newly launched lobster hot pot set w/ Angus beef $237 wasn’t too bad as well but the Eiffel Tower $245 dessert set was more likely to be gimmicky & tasted not that great!

Recommended: what the duck cocktail $92 x honey chicken wings $67 x pepperoni pizza $92

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