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Baking Class with Anchor

Throw back to my baking class in pre-mother's day, it was truly an amazing experience in overall. I had so much fun and at the same time I have learnt that baking is not just cooking, it's a mixture of cooking, creativity, management and balance. Not only satisfy your cravings but also a pleasant experience on your own.

Not a fan of huge classes? Then Hong Kong New Oriental Culinary Art might be the best option for you. The studio is fully-equipped and spacious. For loads of attention and plenty of personal guidance, our master Eddie, has demonstrated thorough understanding of how to make a perfect Strawberry with Pistachio Cake. The ingredients are mainly provided by Anchor (New Zealand). Anchor Butter adds pure, rich flavor to the delightful cake. What's more, it is all natural with a strong butter taste. Whipping Cream is also another essential element in the baking process, it creates a firmer texture and consistency than any other regular cream.

No matter if you’re a pro or a beginner in the kitchen, it's never to late to learn how to make a sweet treat for your loved ones, I'm sure they will impress your efforts and skills!

If you need some cooking or baking recipes, feel free to check out Anchor's website for more inspiration:

Till next time xoxo.

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