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2020 may not be the best year to begin with. But we are surely be more aware of our health and even want to seek and pursue a better lifestyle. So there's a question that came across my mind: How to calm or stay optimistic away from chaotic mind? Here's the solution that I got for myself.

The Feel Good Tea from Tea Pigs is just in time for me to try something different. As all of you know that I'm more likely a "Coffee Person" than " Tea Person". But this have required me to a small change which I truly appreciated.

More about TeaPigs

- Founded at London in 2006

- Mission: To get the nation drinking real tea again

- First tea company to be certified using 100% Plastic free packaging

- Feel-Good Teas are one of their TOP SELLERS using natural ingredients

(6 different flavors: Happy, Calm, Cleanse, Trim, Up Beet & Snooze to suit your needs)

This time I got to try 3 signature organic teas - Cleanse, Happy & Trim.

First impression:

The package is very light, user and eco-friendly and the tea bags (15 tea samples) are made of nice material (interestingly made from corn starch). And they're not exactly cheap, but worth a try.

HAPPY (with lemon balm)

Let me start with this uplifting tea which consist of turmeric, apple and lemon balm. It's good when you are moody and especially while you are working from home now (kinda bored I would say). It has a strong lemony hint of flavor and yet a nice golden clear tea that smelled wonderful. It got me a refreshing sensation and definitely a lively cup of tea.

TRIM (with guarana)

This is my best-loved tea among the others. I usually love something that smell and taste more fruity. And this tea is exactly what I want. Guarana actually rich in caffeine and feels like speeding up my metabolism. The taste does comes out a nice rich peachy and rose hip flavor that makes me feel energized. It is pleasant enough for me to keep drinking. Love it!

CLEANSE (with coconut)

I'm not a big fan of herbal tea but this going to be my one of my favorite green tea on the go. It packed with lovely layers of flavors and gives a sweet and comforting taste. The coconut scent makes it stand out from other teas. The ingredients named in the descriptive contents are all essentially good for detoxification like green tea, ginger, lemongrass that leave an amazing aftertaste.

How to drink it?

1. Take out one tea bag per cup

2. Boil water to 100 degrees

3. Brew for 3 -5 mins

4. You are all set and enjoy your cup of tea

Thanks to TeaPigs that not only boost up my mood, but also taking good care of my body. Always feel good & look forward to trying other flavors from the Teapigs range.

To make it easier to find the right tea for you or a loved one, check out TeaPig's website here.

Good news is you can purchase your favorite Fell-Good Tea with 20% off with code "skeatravelife20". Valid from today until Feb 29,2020 and Free delivery on orders over HK $350.

The discount code already embedded to the link and you can check out right away with qualified items. Easy, right?

In collaboration with Tea Pigs HK; thoughts and opinions are my own.

More photos reference in below: All photos are taken by me.

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