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What to do in Shang(high)?

Gonna start my blog with my recent staycation to Shanghai. The period that we went were unexpectedly cold, (extremely) windy but sunny. My suitcase were full of my winter clothes. But who cares, I managed to mix & match with my favourite wear. The best season for travelling to SH would be around October. It's breezy & the most comfortable weather to go. Scroll to the bottom and I'll attach all the addresses for your reference.

I finally made my way to the most instagrammable whitening cafe - SEESAW CAFE in the Yu Yuan Road (located in the Central POD, just walk into the alley). It is actually a contemporary creative office and commercial space for cafe. Indeed very nice ambience, especially the natural light coming in, nice mocha, nice pastry & nice companion. Taking aesthetic photos would be even nicer! 

Guess where was our next stop? We went to the most popular local eats - Yang's Dumplings & Jia Jia Tang Bao. The queue from Jia Jia was extremely long at around 11:50am, I have to wait for at least 30 mins. We had Yang's Dumplings for take away & picked 3 different fillings for pan fried buns, including pork meat, shrimp & vegetables (RMB 18/6pcs). They were surprisingly juicy & cooked to perfection! My favourite goes to the pork meat one. These comfort food definitely warm our hearts & absolutely delicious. This is a MUST TRY!

Finally managed to get into the restaurant, you have to pay first before finding seats. We ordered the only expensive dish - Crab Meat (& roe) Xiao Long Bao for lunch (RMB 99/12 pcs), as well as soy milk (RMB 5) & don't forget to pay (RMB2) for dipping the soy sauce with sliced ginger to flavour the Xiao Long Bao. The bottled soy milk was slightly sweeter to my liking, & Xiao Long Bao surely didn't disappoint us. The dumpling skin wasn't so thick along with the generous ground meat filling. Just eat one small bite & drink up the rich soup. I'm TRULY satisfied! 

If you want to take a walk after lunch, you could walk along Nan Jing West Road to do some shopping. But I'm not so interested about it since they all could found in Hong Kong. P.S Just some essential random shots in streets...xoxo

If you really need to buy some local souvenirs, I'll suggest you to go to LiFeng, a well-known local brand that sells a wide range of famous local snacks like duck intestines & walnuts. A pack of 500g of walnuts had costed me around RMB 200~ quite expensive I think.

And then... we went back to Jing'An Temple area to seek for another coffee shop to take a rest. I've bookmarked Aunn Cafe & it was so packed in the afternoon.  I guess coffee cultures are quite common in Shanghai now, sometimes I think it's even better than Hong Kong, at least places are bigger, ceilings are higher, people are simply enjoying coffee with their pals but not obsess taking foodie photos (like me haha). 

We basically took taxi everywhere since it wasn't too expensive, usually below RMB 30. We've headed to Xin Tian Di- XiXi Bistro for dinner ( just like another LKF local hub).  Xixi Bistro actually offers a unique fusion food (Italian x Chinese). We've ordered scallion pie with foie gras mousse (RMB 88) & Shanghai Duck Confit (RMB 158). The duck confit was the BEST I've had in life!!!! The crispy skin was so damn good! Not to mention the flavoured tender meat, I was deeply impressed! Perfectly paired with truffle mashed potatoes & pumpkin puree. However, the scallion pie wasn't so match with the foie gras mousse, I don't really recommend this. 

 Yep...This is not over! We simply walked to the SOHO FuXing Plaza to take some famous instagrammable shots. It was indeed a creative invention that combines art & functional elements into a cool lift. 

Finally our last stop - Japanese Style Speak Low Bar (one of the world's best 50 bars). You have to enter the hidden bar behind the secret door in a bartending equipment store. AWESOME! But I just stand and ordered one drink. It was full house that night. I've ordered the Pandan Milk Punch (RMB 95). I love how they mixed with scotch, milk, & slight hint of pandan. Very interesting combination. I would love to go there again!! 

Restaurant Address :

1. Seesaw Cafe:  No.433 Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (inside Jing'An Design Centre)

2. Yang's Dumplings: 97 Huanghe Road, Shanghai 3. Jia Jia Tang Bao: 90 Huanghe Road, Shanghai

4. Aunn Cafe: No.1728, Nanjing West Road, Jing'An District

5. Speak Low : 579 Fuxing Middle Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai  6pm-1:30am

Stay tuned for next coming posts xoxo


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